Balloons: Floor settings

Add some confetti balloons to bring some sparkle to your settings. As pictured $25 each
Foil with standard 4
Tall organic topiary, can be made to suit any occasion from $85
Mega No with standard 6
Mega No with Standard 6 from $36
mega no. with bubble strand
Mega No. with Bubble Strand  from $33
Mixed balloon bundle
Mixed balloon bundle  MXB1
Standard 6 starting from $15 as pictured $16.50
Standard 3 with spangle
Standard 3 starting from $8.50 with spangle as pictured $14.50
Standard 4
Standard 4 starting from $10.70 as pictured $12.10
Standard 5
Standard 5 starting from $12.80 as pictured $14.20
Stacked 5
Stacked 5 starting from $12.80 as pictured $13.50
Standard 7 2
Standard 7 starting from $17.00
2′ white, 18″ confetti, gold orbz
Personalised Bubble balloon starting at $36
Personalise your balloons starting at $10
2' confetti with tinsel tail
2′ confetti with tinsel tail from $37.50
Standard with lights
Add lights for an extra $10
Add Sparkle Ribbon lights $6
Clearz confetti with ribbon tail
20″ Clearz confetti with ribbon tail from $37.50
Helium Tree starting at $25
Mega No
Mega Numbers or Letters $25 on 2 weights
Giant Numbers
Giant Numbers $42 each
Mega Numbers with rainbow standard 7


Cloud with foil
Cloud with Foil
Confetti balloons
Add a feature confetti balloon to your settings
Small foil
Small foil number with balloons from $13.50
Mega Letters $21 (on weights $25)
Mega with balloons

Mega with balloons as pictured $32.00

Mixed bundles
Mixed bundles  MXB2

as pictured $29

Personalised Foil with standard 6
Mixed Bundle MXB3 from $38 (as pictured $42)
Mega No with balloons
20150725_103730 copy
Circular cascade starting from $22
10 Balloon BundleHelium 10 Balloon Bundle starting from $26.00
Helium Bundle
Helium Bundle starting at $30
No. with 18″ foil and standard 3 from $41
No. with supershape and standard 6 from $53
Number with split 7, personalise balloon to make even more special

Stars and Moon

Reveal balloons don’t just have to be for gender! These contain confetti and special messages.