Balloons: Numbers and Letters

Foil numbers and letters come in a variety of setting styles, choose which one suits your occasion!  

18″ balloon with 14″ airfilled number starting from $40 With Name $55


Small air filled number design $22


Large Crown with airfilled numbers $59


14″ air filled number and character balloon with chocolates from $25


Large airfilled single Number display with small foil starting from $55 as pictured with balloon flowers $65


Numbered centrepiece $14.90 with name $24.90
Mega Numbers $25 each (pictured with standard 7 setting)
Mega Numbers $25 each
Double Mid Size Number setting from $57 (as pictured $62)
With this simple design you can choose a supershape to suit your theme and add an age starting from $59
Mid size numbers with hearts $60 with name $70
Mega Number with balloons from $34 each Mid size Numbers with balloons from $31 each
Personalised mega number with split 7 $55
Mega Number with 18″ foil and balloons from $45
Giant Numbers in gold or silver $42 each
Mega Number on bubble strand from $33
Mega Number with standard 6 from $39
Small airfilled Number setting $20 as pictured with helium balloons $27
Mega Letters $25 each on 2 weights
Air filled number with balloons from $14
Mega Number $25